Academy Day2021-04-30T15:20:42-05:00

Academy Day 2021

MAY 2, 2021 – Join Us On Campus!

Academy Day is designed to give prospective 7-11th grade students the opportunity to visit classes, talk with teachers, eat “cafe” food, tour the campus, make some new friends and just “get a feel” for academy life. Students will also have the opportunity to earn scholarships in an area of their interest. There are also special meetings for parents and sponsors designed for them to ask questions and find the answers they need. Doors will open at 9:00 am and the program will begin at 9:30 am. The day will finish at 6:00 pm. Lunch and supper are included free of charge. We look forward to seeing you at Academy Days 2021! Let us know you are coming by filling out the form below.

Academy Day Schedule

9:00 Welcome (Ad Building Lobby)
9:30 Welcome Program/Worship
10:15 Inside WA – Part 1
11:40 Picnic Lunch
12:30 Dorm Tours
1:00 Inside WA – Part 2
2:30 Scholarship Challenges/Parent Meeting
3:30 Group Activity
4:30 Supper/Award Ceremony


Please print, fill out, and bring the following forms when you come to Academy Days:

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?2021-04-05T10:15:56-05:00

Please bring the following:

What should I leave at home?2019-05-03T20:24:02-05:00

Please leave the following at home:

  • Electronics
  • Immodest Clothing
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Knives
  • Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Caffeine
  • Anything pertaining to pornography or the occult
What about cell phones?2021-04-05T10:19:54-05:00

In order for our students and guests to be fully enjoying the academy days experience, we would like parents/guardians to keep all cell phones with them or check phones in at the front office. If your student needs to be in contact with a parent/guardian and the parent/guardian is not on campus, the student can ask to use their phone at the front office. Thank you.

How will scholarships be awarded?2021-04-30T15:46:11-05:00

A tuition scholarship will awarded to all students who attend Academy Day. Larger scholarship may be awarded to students who try out in three areas: Academics, Music, and Fitness. When you arrive, you may sign up to try for these scholarships.

​​Students who try for the Academic scholarship may take quizzes in English, History, Science, Math, etc. Scholarships will be awarded to students who score highest overall in Academics.

​​Students who try out for the Fitness scholarship track will have a variety of challenges to conquer. Again, scholarships will be awarded to students who score highest overall.

​Students who choose the Music scholarship track should be prepared to audition with their own sheet music. If you play an instrument other than piano or organ, please bring your own. Once again, scholarships will be awarded to students who score highest.

​​Scholarship certificates will be awarded at the end of supper.