A New Paradigm

COVID 19 entered our lives in a serious way in March. When we postponed coming back to school from Spring break and switched to distance learning we thought it was for a couple of weeks. And now we look back at how it has changed our lives. We are very blessed to have our wonderful staff who poured themselves into making distance learning work.

Looking toward the coming school year, we are busy preparing to have school in a new paradigm. Our initial plan was to begin fully on campus, However, after talking to other schools, looking at schools around the state, and listening to parent input, we have decided to offer a hybrid program for 2020-2021.

We are closely monitoring the CDC and DPI recommendations and are in direct consultation with our local health department as we put in place safety protocols. For the safety of our churches and students, we will temporarily limit taking students to visit churches and schools throughout our conference.

These challenges remind us of our original and primary goals for existence: to provide an environment for our students to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus, and for them to learn to share that experience and the three angels’ messages with the world. As always, we ask that you continue to pray for the students and staff at Wisconsin Academy as we travel these uncharted waters.

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